Our pilots have unparalleled expertise, dedication and commitment to getting that perfect shot,

We are based in London however location isn't an issue. Our pilots can travel anywhere in the UK on demand and work on any project requirement, so no matter where you are based, Get in contact for a creative and professional filming solution,


We are always happy to quote based on individual needs as every project has different characteristics and needs,

Our DJI Drones are great for everything from indoor filming & property or event promotion to high rise roof inspections,

We provide the flight, the photography and the editing for a fraction of the price that it would cost to hire in a full filming crew and any helicopter or equipment for aerial shots,


We can produce post-production video editing on every job to ensure you get the best from the images and data collected,


We carry out full pre-visit and on-site safety risk assessment and research of every project prior to starting their flights to ensure the safety and feasibility of the flight are secure,


Your dedicated pilot will give you a debrief on completion of flights and immediate feedback on data and imagery collected,

By streaming the footage back to the pilot and having the client on site, we can take direction from the client as to exactly what their requirements, showing you and the client every stage to then tailor make the footage exactly as they like as well as working with your creative team from the planning stage onward to create exactly what is needed for the project saving images and sending or replaying them for stakeholders,


Whether you’re looking for awe-inspiring video footage or a collection of photographs from various angles or even 360 degree, our team are well equipped with the latest drone operation permissions and equipment to deliver whatever you need, whether it be inside or outside,

Films, documentaries, Music Videos, Marketing or tourism, we can shoot ultra high 4K videos and edit them to your requirements no matter how big or small the job,


If you have a project that you would like us to take a look at , fill in the contact form and we shall get back to you as a priority.

Safety, Insurance & Approval

London Drone Works has invested in modern state of the art aircraft and cutting edge equipment & software, with safety being the priority of our operation, all of our aerial platforms are serviced and maintained to the highest level.

with a full comprehensive public liability insurance policy, rest assured, we are covered for every project and every flight.

Prior to and upon arriving at location we complete a comprehensive risk assessment and site survey to ensure the safety of our crews, you and the public.

Our skilled Remote Pilots have the qualifications and approval of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for all of our flights at a fraction of the cost.


Proud Gold Certified members and approved operator on the Drone Safe Register.