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Making use of aerial photography and videography can help with the decisions of developers, investors and site managers to monitor progress and target areas of a ground or construction project over large areas,


In a short space of time, these inspections can point out and highlight safety concerns and where there is room for improvement that otherwise couldn’t be seen from the ground,


Infrastructure and planning aerial photography can give developers, councils and local authorities an overall view of a site, seeing things from a new angle that wouldn’t be achievable from the ground,


It can show every key stage and milestone of a development over a set period of time, which can be built into a promotional video, hyper lapse or slow motion right from the foundations through to completion of a project,


Aerial photography can be used from evidence for the exchange of contract right though to the nitty gritty of retention of payment cases,


No need for expensive and time consuming scaffolding construction, just hire a drone!