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·       London Drone Works will Research the flight area & location

·       Complete a risk assessment for the flight including dates/times

·       We are legally obliged to gain any written permissions and Licences required for the flight including contacting any relevant                          local authorities (Police, Aerodromes/Heliports and Council/Landowners)

·       We obtain predicted weather information for date/time of intended flight

·       Once researched, we consider safety equipment needed for the flight including Covid-19 safe PPE



·       We will work with our client to collect as much information as possible about the client’s project

·       Plan flight and agree editing style and end result including data required



·       On the first day of flight, upon arriving on location, our pilot will complete an on-site survey of the intended flight area to compare with         research including weather conditions.

·       The pilot will confirm all relevant planning and safety precautions are in place including any site inductions needed for location



·       The client will be invited to give any input/feedback into the flight with regard to results on the pilot’s live screen

·       The pilot will continue to monitor the drone and safety precautions for the duration of the flight according to the plan



·       After the flight the Flight Crew will be de-briefed, post flight safety checks completed, and equipment dismantled.

·       Data/Images recorded by the drone will be stored and formatted

·       The data/images will be edited according to the project plan if required

·       Data sent to client via Secure Online Transfer and or USB stick (see Quote)


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