Hill House, Reigate
Property cinematography

Standard photography techniques are often used to photograph historic stately and listed buildings and homes for the use by estate agents, sellers, insurers, investors, and even roof specialists, but ground photography alone just isn’t enough to capture the architecture and character of a structure.  


The use of aerial photography by Drone, is the best way to capture an entire structure and its surroundings in their entirety, most especially those with delicate and hard to reach areas that just can’t be reached by ground photography without the use of scaffolding and high-rise cranes or even the hiring helicopters which can be extremely expensive and logistically complicated.


In August 2021, we were tasked to Hill House, a family home in Reigate Surrey, to capture video footage of the building and it’s roof terrace for the family and residents.


We filmed Hill House from dusk into the night to capture beautiful colours of the summer sunset through the trees reflecting the building’s magnificent architecture in a perfect light, showing off their recently renovated roof terrace, majestic tower and reception area from above. 


Following our shoot, we brought the footage back to the studio to create this showcase video for them to keep as a memory of their historic home for years to come! 


What a superb edifice in all its splendour!

Celestial Cinema
Winter Drive-in 2020

After CCinema’s Success with their 2020 Summer Drive in Cinema experience, they were invited to bring their Celestial Cinema concept to the beautiful town of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire and with that came London Drone work’s invite to get some aerial footage of this exciting winter event for the second time!

Project Aim: UAV Aerial Video footage of the event to be included in 3rd party media creation by Vision Seven for online social media and webpage content. 


For London Drone Works this was only the second time undertaking such a project. The location being in London meant that we had to make sure that permissions from relevant authorities were sought as well as comprehensive risk assessment.


Check Celestial Cinema out at WWW.CCINEMA.CO.UK

Bright Lights, Big City
Lockdown London 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, London became a perfect canvas for night shoots & never has it looked so still!


Home to some of the busiest airspace in the UK and arguably the world, with several major Airports within its boundaries, not to mention the smaller recreational airfields and of course the military airfields and headquarters. London has various restriction zones or FRZs which prohibit the flying of aircraft within them, for example near to Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, the Palace of Westminster (Houses of parliament) and of course the City of London as well as many other important and high risk, areas buildings and structures like on the isle of Dogs, with its skyscrapers and close proximity to London City Airport.

These areas Can however be flown in, with the right permissions, which include: permissions to fly in densely populated areas known as Operational Authorisation issued by the CAA, risk assessments, long notice periods as well as a few other conditions

Our Commercial Drone pilots go through extensive training in addition to just simply registering their aircraft as an operator and, in order to gain those special permissions from the Civil aviation authority, that isn’t where it ends.


Pilots and Drone enterprises have to create whole safety management systems which are submitted to prove to the authorities that they have accounted for all scenarios with regard to process and procedure and these are scutinised thoroughly.


A commercial Drone Pilot or what is known in the business as a UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) remote Pilot, wanting to fly in London and the surrounding areas, much like many other UK cities, must also undertake a series of risk assessments, gain permissions for their flights from Landowners for the purpose of landing and taking off, the local authorities, the Metropolitan police and even diplomatic protection agencies in London depending on the areas to be flown in or over.


This of course is all in addition to the public liability insurance that a UAS operator must have to protect themselves, the pubic, vehicles and property.


London Drone Works have specially trained and insured remote pilots and drones, which allow them to operate in these densely populated areas following specific risk assessments and Operational Authorisation from the CAA and NATS.

SO Demolition

SO Demolition are a Commercial & Residential Demolition service Based in London and offer services including Demolition, Top Down Demolition, Soft Strip, Robotic & Remote Demolition and Propping.

Project Aim: UAV Aerial Video footage of the Demolition site to include footage of Plant and demolition of building for redevelopment including London Drone Works media creation for online social media and webpage content. 

The location being in London and a main road, close to traffic, houses and a school nearby, meant that we had to make sure that comprehensive risk assessments and permissions were in place as well as Work site induction for our guys on arrival, Safety First!

A London Drone Works Production

Check out SO Demolition WWW.SODEMOLITION.CO.UK

Kent Pop Tops

Kent Pop Tops convert Volkswagen Transporter T4,T5 &T6 Vans to campers with pop top roofs with fully bespoke interiors!

With 30 years experience, their specialists carry out camper conversions, restorations and servicing to the highest standards, custom designed to your budget & specification, using only top quality materials!

Project Aim: UAV Aerial Video footage of one of their Pop Top Vans on location for their site to include footage of their Pop Top van with scenery including London Drone Works media creation for online social media and webpage content. 

Was great working with the guys at Kent Pop Tops to create this video of their impressive VW pop top conversion on the Kent coast.

A London Drone Works Production

Check out Kent Pop Pops WWW.KENTPOPTOPS.CO.UK