Drone property Cinematography & Photography

Standard photography techniques are often used to photograph historic stately and listed buildings and homes for the use by estate agents, sellers, insurers, investors, and even roof specialists, but ground photography alone just isn’t enough to capture the architecture and character of a structure.

The use of aerial photography by Drone, is the best way to capture an entire structure and its surroundings in their entirety, most especially those with delicate and hard to reach areas that just can’t be reached by ground photography without the use of scaffolding and high-rise cranes or even the hiring helicopters which can be extremely expensive and logistically complicated.

In August, we were tasked to Hill House, a family home in Reigate Surrey, to capture video footage of the building and it’s roof terrace for the family and residents.

We filmed Hill House from dusk into the night to capture beautiful colours of the summer sunset through the trees reflecting the building’s magnificent architecture in a perfect light, showing off their recently renovated roof terrace, majestic tower and reception area from above.

Following our shoot, we brought the footage back to the studio to create this showcase video for them to keep as a memory of their historic home for years to come!

What a superb edifice in all its splendour!