Drone Roof Inspection

Did the storms cause havoc on your

roof? Need an inspection to check for any damage?

London Drone Works qualified and insured drone operators can check your roof for any damage or loose tiles and give you immediate results of the inspection!

Using drones to conduct roof surveys shouts advantages from the start, allowing access to areas that otherwise would be deemed too unsafe to traverse or would require comprehensive climbing equipment, cranes, permits and even scaffolding, not to mention the health and safety restrictions and insurances to lift people up and over buildings and structures.

With our drones, we can provide high resolution images and video and as close up as the human eye could get to give owners, repair contractors and investors a glimpse of the job at hand or even a regular check for wear and tear on any weathered footing surfaces.


There is significant down time and safety benefits when using drones as a versatile and quick way to reach high up areas without the need for the above mentioned consolidated and aged techniques used in the past.


With real-time image viewing and recordings, our clients can see exactly what the drone sees and even direct our pilots to check specific areas of interest or concern.


Our drones can be deployed in a matter of minutes and have the power to stay airborne for long enough to get images of an entire industrial estate, warehouse or complex.


All recordings are taken at 4K high resolution which can be zoomed in on, after the flight, reviewed and compared to previous surveys for signs of deterioration which may need specific attention for decisions from surveyors or maintenance teams to me made quickly and definitively.

Some applications will require the services of a chartered surveyor to be delivered successfully if data is required.






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